Layla's Story

Layla (Oldiron San Leandra) was my first Airedale Terrier, a precious gift who taught me how to reach out, learn and understand what matters to dogs and how to live in harmony and joy with them.

Layla came home on 7 May 1993. She left us on 2 May 2004. What happened in between changed my life and hopefully will change the lives of others and their dogs. Paw Behaviour Dog Training is Layla’s legacy. She was such a funny, lovable and confident dog. So much so, that training at the local dog club where I was taught to get loud and mean and use a choker chain, made her more creative it her efforts to please me “her way”.

We were not on the same tram. And, it just didn’t make sense using forceful methods on a dog tough enough to work the front line during the first World War.

The list is endless, but so you don’t feel alone, let me share with you some of the naughty, clever and funny things Layla did!

Turned the video off with her nose – I wondered why programs didn’t record!

Jumped the rope of the obedience ring to chase seagulls, had fun, jumped the rope back again and pretended nothing happened.

She was a peacemaker and could break up dog fights with a flick of her “Bob Menzies” eyebrow.

Her tunnels were legendary – Her motto was “Live Like Layla – Dig like no one’s watching!”

Conducted archeological digs – finding treasures such as a perfume bottle, coins and relics. She unearthed her first little Kong, missing in action for 11 years, just before she died.

Ate the gas metre causing a major gas leak.

Pulled palings off the fence to catch the possums.

Warmed my legs when I was on the loo.

Layla - airedale terrier -after a wash


Layla didn’t have favourite toys, life was her toy. 
With kindness and a gentle touch, from my girl I learned so much – thank you Layla!

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