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Positive Paw Power!

If we can teach wild animals without force or punishment (poster)

There’s nothing more distressing than seeing a dog owner shout at, or even hit their dog as a form of obedience, what’s more, it doesn’t work! That’s why our training methods involve gentle, scientifically proven techniques that are safe for you, your family and your dog!

We will show you how to develop a relationship with your dog, so they trust you and can learn exactly what you need for them to fit into your family. We don’t use choker chains, nasty devices or mean methods to force or frighten your dog, just a gentle approach that encourages confidence & allows learning to take place.

We give you, your dog and your family ongoing support and guidance. Positive reinforcement training is used successfully on dolphins and wild animals and best of all it’s easy and safe for children to learn, so all the family can get involved.

Paw Behaviour Dog Training is a State and Local Government registered & approved training establishment.

Mick the Jack Russell jumping through a hoop
Amber - Jack Russell Pup on box
A Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Puppy

Training a dog with kindness creates trust, a bond, a relationship. That’s training. If you’re shouting & angry you’re not training. The choice is all yours!

What is Clicker Training?

Check out this wonderful video ”The Rules of Love” by Peta Clarke Australia.

The video below takes a look at clicker training from the animal’s point of view. It focuses on a rescue Border collie mix who learns how to greet people politely.

Punishment & Dominance

At Paw Behaviour we support the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour Position Statements on Punishment and Dominance.

Click on the articles below to view or download:

AVSAB Dominance Statement

AVSAB Combined Punishment Statement

Make it fun and I will learn (photo of a dog)

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