How Paw Behaviour Started

Jennifer’s Story

Although I had owned many dogs throughout my life, I had never “formally” trained them. In 1993 I decided my new Airedale Terrier puppy Layla would “go to school”. I soon became disheartened at the progress (or lack of it) we made at the local dog club. Using forceful methods and shouting “NO” at a dog tough enough to work the front line during the World Wars, made no sense.

In 1995 I made a decision which would change the course of my life. I sought to obtain an understanding of dogs – why they behave the way they do and how to train them without getting mean and loud. Thankfully Layla’s superb temperament and love of life did not suffer. Her wild ways were what I loved – but I desperately wanted her to stop pulling on the lead and come back to me.

Jennifer Wilcox, Manager of Paw Behaviour®
Photo by Catch The Moment Photography 

 In March 1999 Layla and I headed off to Kyneton for a five day intensive of what would become the first nationally accredited Delta Society Australia, Cert IV Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Instructors Course. What began as a search for greater understanding fast became a career change.

My veterinarian was keen to get puppy classes up and running and wanted an instructor trained in positive reinforcement techniques with an understanding of dog behaviour.

Before too long, Paw Behaviour® Dog Training was born and we were running puppy classes, courses for pet dog owners and offering private consultations.


Many Paw Behaviour® students go on to bigger and better things, including work as therapy dog teams, visiting hospitals and aged care facilities bringing joy to those who have left dogs behind or are recovering from illness. Others have excelled at agility, or just become the most wonderful family pets.

Jennifer Wilcox, Manager of Paw Behaviour®


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