Happy Client Testimonials

Our first positive impression of Paw Behaviour was the initial phone call to enquire about puppy classes. We were anxious having this puppy and the vet had said pups shouldn't be 'out and about' until 17 weeks (to prevent catching parvo etc). Jennifer confidently stated if we waited until then, there was a chance our puppy may not be socialised.

Our whole family was welcomed to the classes which impressed us; our children felt 'included' and enjoyed the classes. We are sure our dog would not be such a joyful part of our family without Super Puppy training.
Paw Behaviour was my Mothers Group and Therapist through the early days of our puppy!

We would thoroughly recommend this course as you only get one chance to start your puppy off right!

The Posthuma Family & Kaiser,

We are so appreciative of all the input you gave us and for all your help and support in helping us make our pup a super dog! We also wanted you to know that Dutch is doing great. We have taught him some more tricks and he is soooooo obedient especially when we go for walks. The gentle leader is the best thing ever. He is doing so well with the kids too. Thanks once again for everything Jen. You are the best!!!!

The Sinclair Family & Dutch ,