Happy Client Testimonials

Revisited the basics, ensuring we are doing things correctly. Great instructions, time spent on group & individuals very beneficial.  Would recommend to anyone!

Lisa & Dixie March 2018,

We have been given the right advice! Julie was great & she had the perfect personality & patience for our family.

Sonia, Craig & Roxy March 2018,

We learned valuable skills, techniques & information for our Husky. Julie was great, very accommodating to individual dog's needs and very nice and approachable.  Thanks!

Meg & Keira March 2018,

We booked the dog manner class in Jan 18. And i cant believe Molly has finished her 7weeks training and her manner is improving week by week. She cant wait to go to class every Saturday and we enjoyed the class as well. The class works for us as it clear lots of doubts, correct attitude towards to our dog and timing for treats. High recommend !

Pepper & Molly Jan 2018,