Happy Client Testimonials

Best part was training us how to read behaviours & how to teach/train our puppy.  This course also made us realise just how smart our dog really is!

Jennifer & Bodey (Cavoodle) 3 Aug 19,

Was very beneficial considering I have a husky & they are hard to train!

Ryan & Zara (Siberian Husky) 3 Aug 19,

Jennifer and the team are great! Kobe learnt lots of tricks & good behaviour and we even learnt more than him.  Will be back to do more courses.  Thanks!

Alicia, Brad & Kobe (Aust Shepherd) 3 Aug 19,

Pulling on the lead has improved. Fantastic course. We learnt so much more than expected or planned for.

Amanda & Pax (German Shepherd) June 2019,