Why Us?

Qualifications, Experience & Reputation!

If you own a dog and need help training, there’s only one place go – Paw Behaviour, the Award Winning Dog Training Professionals!

At Paw Behaviour, our approach is simple – we provide a qualified professional service designed to help you and your Grrr8 Mate!  Our fully accredited trainers provide honest, realistic advice based on many years of practical experience owning and training dogs.

There are no gimmicks, no hidden costs and no annual fees – just the best service and more importantly, the results you want. We have been helping owners and their dogs build happy and rewarding relationships since 1999. We own dogs, we know dogs, we train people to train their dogs

Life on a leash is hard!

How We Started

Although I had owned many dogs throughout my life, I had never “formally” trained them. In 1993 I decided my new Airedale Terrier puppy Layla would “go to school”. I soon became disheartened at the progress (or lack of it) we made at the local dog club. Using forceful methods and shouting “NO” at a dog tough enough to work the front line during the World Wars, made no sense.

In 1995 I made a decision which would change the course of my life. I sought to obtain an understanding of dogs - why they behave the way they do and how to train them without getting mean and loud. Thankfully Layla’s superb temperament and love of life did not suffer. Her wild ways were what I loved – but I desperately wanted her to stop pulling on the lead and come back to me.

In March 1999 Layla and I headed off to Kyneton for a five day intensive of what would become the first nationally accredited Delta Society Australia, Cert IV Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Instructors Course. What began as a search for greater understanding fast became a career change.

My veterinarian was keen to get puppy classes up and running and wanted an instructor trained in positive reinforcement techniques with an understanding of dog behaviour.

Before too long, Paw Behaviour® Dog Training was born and we were running puppy classes, courses for pet dog owners and offering private consultations.

Many Paw Behaviour® students go on to bigger and better things, including work as therapy dog teams, visiting hospitals and aged care facilities bringing joy to those who have left dogs behind or are recovering from illness. Others have excelled at agility, or just become the most wonderful family pets.



Photo by Catch The Moment Photography


Layla's Story

Layla (Oldiron San Leandra) was my first Airedale Terrier, a precious gift who taught me how to reach out, learn and understand what matters to dogs and how to live in harmony and joy with them. Layla came home on 7 May 1993. She left us on 2 May 2004. What happened in between changed my life and hopefully will change the lives of others and their dogs. Paw Behaviour Dog Training is Layla’s legacy. She was such a funny, lovable and confident dog. So much so, that training at the local dog club where I was taught to get loud and mean and use a choker chain, made her more creative it her efforts to please me “her way”.

We were not on the same tram. And, it just didn’t make sense using forceful methods on a dog tough enough to work the front line during the first World War.
The list is endless, but so you don’t feel alone, let me share with you some of the naughty, clever and funny things Layla did!

  • Turned the video off with her nose – I wondered why programs didn’t record!
  • Jumped the rope of the obedience ring to chase seagulls, had fun, jumped the rope back
  • again and pretended nothing happened
  • She was a peacemaker and could break up dog fights with a flick of her "Bob Menzies" eyebrow
  • Her tunnels were legendary - Her motto was “Live Like Layla – Dig like no one’s watching!”
  • Conducted archeological digs – finding treasures such as a perfume bottle, coins and relics. She unearthed her first little Kong, missing in action for 11 years, just before she died
  • Ate the gas metre causing a major gas leak
  • Pulled palings off the fence to catch the possums
  • Warmed my legs when I was on the loo


Layla didn't have favourite toys, life was her toy. 
With kindness and a gentle touch, from my girl I learned so much – thank you Layla!

Our Team

A good dog trainer never stops learning!

JENNIFER WILCOX-paw-behaviour3_r1_c1

Jennifer Wilcox

Jennifer Wilcox has been professional dog trainer since 1999. Jennifer owns and manages Paw Behaviour® Dog Training, presents at conferences, delivers training and advice to industry professionals, teaches at educational facilities and has extensive experience training dogs for obedience, therapy work and film & TV.

Jennifer is a teacher who is passionate about helping people understand their dogs and helping them live happily together.


TEISHA MASON-paw-behaviour

Teisha Mason

Teisha Mason has been working with us since 2010 and gives our clients an enthusiastic and informed experience. Holding a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences with a double major in Zoology and Animal Science as well as a Diploma of Animal Technology, Teisha adds the element of science to her training.


NICOLE TOWNSEND-paw-behaviour

Nicole Townsend

Nicole has a Certificate IV in Behavioural Dog Training and has been delivering positive training classes and private lessons since 2002. Nicole also works as a teacher's aide and despite what you hear on television likes nothing better than to work with children and animals. Nicole's own dogs include a 13 year old Parson Jack Russell Terrier, 11 year old Border Collie-cross-Staffie and a 5 year old Mastiff-cross-Staffie.


How We Train

Positive Paw Power!
There’s nothing more distressing than seeing a dog owner shout at, or even hit their dog as a form of obedience, what’s more, it doesn’t work! That’s why our training methods involve gentle, scientifically proven techniques that are safe for you, your family and your dog!

We will show you how to develop a relationship with your dog, so they trust you and can learn exactly what you need for them to fit into your family. We don’t use choker chains, nasty devices or mean methods to force or frighten your dog, just a gentle approach that encourages confidence & allows learning to take place.

We give you, your dog and your family ongoing support and guidance. Positive reinforcement training is used successfully on dolphins and wild animals and best of all it’s easy and safe for children to learn, so all the family can get involved.

Punishment & Dominance
The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour Position Statements on Punishment and Dominance.

Click on the article to view and download.
AVSAB Dominance Statement and AVSAB Combined Punishment Statement

What is Clicker Training?
A wonderful video ”The Rules of Love” by Peta Clarke Australia
This video takes a look at clicker training from the animal's point of view.
It focuses on a rescue Border collie mix who learns how to greet people politely.


Training a dog with kindness creates trust, a bond, a relationship. That's training. If you're shouting & angry you're not training. The choice is all yours!