What has DDT got to do with Dog Training?

DDT - Noun - dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane - an insecticide that is also toxic to animals and humans; banned in the United States since 1972. Banned in Australia since 1987.  DDT also stands for:

Dinosaur Dog Trainer

Also toxic to animals and humans!


 How to identify a DDT? They:

  • Talk a lot about “Dominance”
  • and reckon your dog is “Dominant”
  • Want you to be a “Pack Leader” & more “Dominant”
  • Waffle on about “being Alpha” – the “Dominant Pack Leader”
  • Use all 4 quadrants, or don’t know what they are.
  • “Alpha Roll” dogs on their backs to assert “dominance”
  • Use “All Training Methods” - which means they aren’t actually good at any
  • Tote water spray bottles to stop dogs doing stuff
  • Physically force dogs to sit and drop
  • Might use chain, prong or electric shock collars
  • Throw chains or coins to stop dog barking or being scared
  • Think training with food or clickers is crap.
  • Might use food or a clicker – badly.
  • Use “methods” that could not be used to train other animals, ie dolphins, whales, seals or chickens!
  • Think Premack is a burger before you have a burger.

Symptoms of DDT in dogs:

  • Dog is scared of people
  • Dog is scared of water and water sprays
  • Dog is scared of chains and noise
  • Dog may roll on back & urinate in fear
  • Dog tries to avoid human touch
  • Dog wishes like hell he had a smarter owner!
  • Dog might obey – unhappily!

BEWARE:  Dinosaurs are sneaky, they might throw in words like positive or drop a few Association names like APDT or Delta to make themselves look professional & qualified.

Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. Do your homework, check “qualifications”, professional memberships & watch a class before you sign up. Your dog will love you for it!20090208-Chihuahua_Burger_Dog_1

If they think Premack is the burger you have before the burger, walk away!

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