As someone who lives with the joy (and challenges) of a multi-dog household, I have been searching for just the right dog trainer for some time. I think I’ve really done my research. I read lots of articles and sought opinions from many people in the dog world that I trust and respect. I kept coming back to the same business every time – Paw Behaviour owned and operated by Jennifer Wilcox. I don’t live locally to Paw Behaviour and I travel some distance to attend, however I don’t regret for one minute making that decision. I started with a 7 week Basics Course with my youngest dog and I’m just about to complete a 7 weeks Basics Class with one of my older dogs. I have a keen interest in dog training and behaviour and every minute of every week, I’m learning something new and the information is always incredibly interesting and practical. My relationship with my dogs has benefited so much and even though a multi-dog household will always present challenges, I’m so much better equipped to help my dogs lead a better life. Jennifer, Nicole and Teisha are not only well educated and experienced, their passion and dedication makes the class time immensely enjoyable and you always feel completely supported. I would have no hesitation recommending the services of Paw Behaviour (actually I already have my niece and her young dog starting in the next course) and I really believe that there’s no better place to ensure the happiness and welfare of your very important family member.

Danielle & Dogs May 2016,