Flower Essence Therapy

We can prescribe and prepare a natural “Emotion Potion” for your canine pal from our extensive range of Flower Essence Remedies.

Just like people, dogs have emotions. Stress and anxiety is common in dogs. Although dogs cannot talk, they tell us they are worried through their behaviour; they may act fearfully, bark or even bite.

The good news is Flower Essences (in conjunction with a behavioural modification program) may help resolve emotional imbalances in your pet. Happy, confident dogs enjoy life, find learning easier and have fewer health problems.

Flower essence remedies, such as Bach Flower Remedies, including Rescue Remedy may assist your dog overcome stress, trauma, change of circumstances or facilitate your dog’s ability to focus and learn.

A dog lying upside down in a bed of flowers

 Anxiety may be the result of loud noise, people or other dogs:

Many dogs fear thunderstorms and fireworks.

Just a walk in unfamiliar surroundings may be stressful.

Change in circumstances or surroundings can be unsettling.

It may be a new addition to the household – new baby or new pet.

Visiting the vet may worry your dog.

Your dog might have been in an accident or experienced trauma of some kind.

Dogs in animal shelters carry a past we know nothing of and may have been abused or neglected.

Some dogs lack focus and have difficulty learning.

Banksia flower
Pink flower
Dark Pink grevillea flower

Contact us to learn how Flower Essence Therapy may assist you and your dog.

We have found Jenni to be absolutely fantastic with our dog Gemma, who was ready to bark at anything including her own shadow. Gemma and Jenny had 1 on 1 session which I found to be very useful. Jenni explained why Gemma reacted the way she did to situations and how we could teach her to respond in a different way. Gemma was prescribed one of Jenni’s Bach flower remedies which have helped her to be a much calmer dog. The remedy is a natural mixture which won’t harm your animal in anyway. Gemma’s only other choice was medical tablets. Thank you Jenny for helping us to understand Gemma and guide her to be a calmer and happier doggie!!!

Thanks Jenny for helping out with my cats and dog after loosing my old mate Bandit. I was having a lot of problems with them after Bandit passed away, Cisco my other dog was having a melt down and with the help of your herbal drops and some intensive training he really bounced back. My cats also had issues as all my pets are part of the family and everyone was grieving. Your flower remedy really calmed them down, helping the four cats get over their loss. I truly believe these treatments should be used more often, it’s amazing how well they work.

Penny & Her Family

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