Breeder puppy raising service

Raise a superior litter of puppies by setting them up to be confident & open to learning when they go home with their new families. Set your puppies up to be ahead of the rest!

We can provide guidance & support on:

  • Early Neurological Stimulation
  • Developing resilient & confident pups
  • Problem solving & early learning
  • Toilet training basics
  • Temperament assessment
  • Optimising early development
  • Puppy pack information
5 puppies asleep on top of each other

Vaccinations: You only need the 1st Vaccination!

Your puppy may attend class provided puppy is in good health, been checked by a veterinarian and received its first vaccination at least one week before class.

With modern vaccines, puppies only require two vaccinations, giving you the opportunity for early socialisation. There is no guarantee that a puppy isolated at home until 16 weeks of age will not contract a disease. It is the owner’s decision to weigh up the benefits of early socialisation against the minimal risk of disease.

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Jennifer was amazing! I’ve already seen some progress in a few hours! She explained everything so well and didn’t rush through it and didn’t make you feel like an idiot. Also had some great advice on feeding and grooming. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Dale & Jezza, Nov 2023

I live in British Columbia, Canada, Jen was able to help me find an excellent trainer for one of my pups here, locally. We went with Yaletown Training. Her professional, positive reinforcement based training methods transcend borders and continents. Thank you Jen for being very approachable and supportive! 

Traquaire Airedales, Nov 2023

We have a very anxious groodle puppy, that had bad experiences. Jennifer provided us with tools to make each new experience a positive one. He is growing more confident every day. He was very face shy and I am pleased to say that his grooming experiences has been amazing and he has had his face trimmed and clipped. We are very great full for the advice and tips to help our little boy become the amazing puppy we knew he could be.

Tracey & Mo, April 2023

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