Agility for Fun

Agility for Fun

Course Duration: 4 weeks
Pre-Requisite: Completion of Level 1 “Basic Manners”

Agility is where dogs run an obstacle course of low jumps; tunnels and contact objects lead by their partner you!

Agility training gives you the chance to learn new skills and dogs learn more advanced training on and off leash. It is a buddy system with both profiting from the physical and mental stimulation. Most of all, Agility is fun for you both.

Just some of the skills you and your dog will learn in our introduction to Agility.

  • Off leash control.
  • Dogs to listen to you during high arousal and excitement
  • Physical and mental stimulation for both dog and human
  • Basic obstacle awareness including different jumps, tunnels, dogwalk and A frame contacts.
  • Building a connection between dog and handler by playing handling and focus games.


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