Sniff, Search & Find!

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Let your dog’s nose do the work in this fun session & learn how to play games to develop your dog’s skills & confidence. Fun for all the family!

Course Duration: 4 weeks
Pre-Requisite: Completion of Level 1 “Basic Manners”

Nosework is an odour training game that uses your dog’s extremely strong sense of smell.

It is a fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs. If they have a nose they can play this easy-to-learn sport, which is both fun for both dog and handler.

Your dog will learn to rediscover their search instincts and you will learn to be a supportive partner in the game by reading their canine body language and watching their confidence grow!

This urban scent game is not quite the same as tracking – you and your dog will learn to search in many different environments. This is a game you can continue to play at home and when on the go with your dog.

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Carrum Community Hall
Cnr Walkers & Dyson Roads
Carrum Vic 3197


2 hours

Please note, a current valid vaccination is required and your dog must be wormed, flea-free and in good health.

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