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Puppy schools are everywhere! But, do you really know who or what you are getting? Our trainers are Delta Cert IV Accredited Professional Dog Trainers with loads of experience with puppies just like yours. You won't get a second chance, so why risk it?

The Australian Veterinary Association Recommends Reward Based Trainers

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Before You Buy That Puppy

The decision to buy a puppy should be given as much care and thought as you would buying a new car, new home or having a child. Millions of dogs are destroyed each year – most for simple behavioural problems which could be prevented. Owning a dog requires commitment and is a big responsibility. Paw Behaviour® Dog Training can assist you in choosing the right dog for your family and lifestyle. Read More

Tips On Keeping The Peace

Barking dogs are annoying for their owners, neighbours and are top of the list of complaints to local councils. Barking dogs are the cause of many neighbourhood disputes which could be avoided. Read More

Walking Your Dog Politely

Walking your dog should be fun and enjoyable. Dogs need regular exercise and appropriate socialisation with other dogs. Like people, dogs make choices about which dogs they like, don’t like and who they wish to play with. Read More

Puppy Training & Socialisation

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour (AVSAB) Position Statements

Punishment for Behavior Modification of Animals

Use of Dominance Theory in Behaviour Modification of Animals

Puppy Socialisation & Vaccinations - Dr Debbie Calnon

Training Methods & Animal Welfare

Welfare in Dog Training – Information about the behaviour of dogs, the possible consequences of using aversive training techniques and where to go for appropriate advice on training & behaviour issues.

Beyond Cesar Millan - Bringing together people who oppose cruel, violent or bullying methods of training or rehabilitating dogs; also those who question or challenge pack leadership, dominance theory, dog-as-wolf and other outdated ideas.

Dominance Controversy – Dr Sophia Yin explains why there is a better training alternative to “dominance”

The Puppy Mill