Pet Stars for Film & TV

Tricks for Film, TV & Media – Lights, Camera, Action!

Challenge yourself and your dog. Become one of our “Pet Stars” and the next TV Commercial could star your dog!

Who could forget Lassie or Toto? Producers often contact Paw Behaviour in search of the next Dog Diva, so if you think your dog has that star quality, our Pet Stars course is for you!

Pet Stars Graduates Available for Work on the Big & Small Screen.

Paw Behaviour® Dog Training can teach you clicker and target training – the methods used to train dogs for film and television.

The Pet Stars course teaches your dog to perform TV tricks and movie moves! So, if you think you may have the next Hairy Hollywood Hunk, check out our Pet Stars course.

  • Course Duration: 4 weeks
  • Pre-Requisite: Previous Training with Paw Behaviour.

See our dogs on camera below.

Doctor Harry and dog being filmed

To Film, TV & Stage Producers!

We are often contacted to provide dogs for photo shoots, theatre, film & television.  We have loads of gorgeous dogs come through our doors & where possible, we can wrangle these to support your work.

A lot of training is usually involved in preparing dogs for a particular role, so please plan well in advance.  We can also refer you to other industry professionals if we cannot assist.

See Our Stars in Action

Target TVC Video – starring Nelda

Nelda starred in the Target Stores Australia television ‘hoodies’ commercial February 2008.

Chevy Cobalt Television Advertisement

This TV advertisement starring Merlot, Airedale Terrier was filmed in central Melbourne over 4 days in April 2005.  We are very proud to have contributed to this production.

Making of Chevrolet Cobalt TV Commercial

Behind the scenes look at filming a TV commercial with dogs in Melbourne over 4 days April 2005. Starring Merlot, our Airedale Terrier and many other amazing dogs & their handlers!

 Oakwood products

Anything You Can Do

In May 2008 Paw Behaviour Dog Training was contacted to provide a dog for a short film. The film, entitled “Anything You Can Do”, is one of four short films Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) produced to promote awareness of issues dealing with young people and disabilities.

“Anything You Can Do” is a fast paced, dynamic and fun short children’s film dealing with themes about disability, fair play, opportunities and support. In the script the dog “Burger” (played by Nelda) is an assistance/companion dog to a young child in a wheel chair. With less than two weeks before filming, the challenge was to train many complex behaviours which included the dog yawning, growling, pushing a ball and working with two small boys – one in a wheelchair.

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Lights! Camera! ACTION!….. but where’s the dog?
In our game we need professional people working together to create wonderful imagery and magic to tell our client stories.

So when it comes to getting the right animal, there is only one person I call – Jen!

We have created packs for V.I.P. Petfoods, now the world’s largest fresh pet food manufacturer, to how to videos for Oakwood’s range of pet shampoos.

With all our shoots, which at times can have multiple animals on set, Jen coordinates to our call sheet and gets each animal looking great and ready for, ACTION!

Alan Jane Creative Director Disegno™

Oakwood Products Advertisements

Jennifer was an incredible asset to our production as Dog Wrangler on our short film “Anything You Can Do”. Working closely with me from script to production ensured a very smooth and successful shoot with her trained dog “Nelda” who almost stole the show!

Would highly recommend Jennifer and her dogs, in this role for future film/TV productions.

Emma Buckley Writer/Director

"Anything You Can Do" Short Film

I worked with Jennifer for a commercial shoot in Melbourne for our client Chevy USA. The shoot was very successful because we have a great team from different countries, Korean, China, Taiwan, US and Australian trainers. Jennifer was absolutely one of the best among the many trainers. She and her dog Merlot, were one of the reasons that made it a fun to watch commercial.

Aok Yuen, Owner A Partnership New York

Chevy Cobalt TV Commercial

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