Pet Dog Manners

Training and socialising your dog beyond puppy class is vital

Today’s busy lifestyles leave many of us short on time, so if you want results fast, Paw Behaviour offers a Basic Training Course for adolescent dogs that is fun, fast and effective. In a short time your dog will be able to walk on a lead, come back, sit, drop, stay and socialise beautifully with fellow dogs – if you do your homework!

Classes are fun and teach you how to manage your dogs in everyday situations. You will learn how to recognise and prevent or resolve behaviours that are disruptive in the household or are socially unacceptable. You will also teach your dog “good manners” and how to cope well in real life situations. Having fun on the mini agility course, playing games and teaching tricks enriches your dog’s life and encourages confidence.

At times we offer a Pet Dog Manners Course for all ages, however this depends on trainer availability and demand.

Please note, this isn’t a course for dogs with behavioural issues.

For owners who want to learn how to train & understand their dog.

For dogs that need to learn some manners & basic obedience.

Not for dogs with serious behavioural problems or any reactivity or aggression issues.

Vaccinations: You only need the 1st Vaccination!

Your puppy may attend class provided puppy is in good health, been checked by a veterinarian and received its first vaccination at least one week before class.

With modern vaccines, puppies only require two vaccinations, giving you the opportunity for early socialisation. There is no guarantee that a puppy isolated at home until 16 weeks of age will not contract a disease. It is the owner’s decision to weigh up the benefits of early socialisation against the minimal risk of disease.

Find out more:


To come back to their owner

To walk nicely on a lead

To behave politely around visitors & children

To play nicely with other dogs

To not jump on people

To stay when asked


How dogs learn and communicate their feelings

Reward-based training methods

How to show your dog what you want

What equipment can help you

How to keep your dog happy when you are not home

How to handle & groom your dog

How to prevent and solve simple behavioural problems


Digital Resources

Graduation Certificate

Ongoing support through out the course


Your puppy’s current Vaccination Certificate

Soft or leather collar & lead– no chain collars or leads

Food for training (tiny pieces), toys, water & bowl & a mat or bed for puppy to sit on

Manners & Life Skills for Teenagers & Older Dogs

A puppy lying on top of adult mother's head

Teenage Dog

  • Course Duration: 7 Weeks
  • Pre-requisite: for dogs aged 6 months to 2 years
  • Owners only in the first week – no dogs.

Dogs commence adolescence around 6-8 months of age.  This “teenage” period will continue until the dog is 2-3 years of age, depending on the breed. Most behavioural problems in dogs start during the adolescent period around 6 to 12 months.  This course will help you understand what is going on with your dog and help you negotiate the rocky road with them to maturity!  We will help you survive the changes your dog is going through.

This is not a course for dogs with serious behavioural problems or any reactivity or aggression issues.  It is for dogs that need to learn some manners & basic obedience.  It’s a course for owners who want to learn how to train & understand their teenage dog.

A puppy lying on top of adult mother's head

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Intro & Demo

  • Course Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Pre-requisite:
  • Owner orientation only – no dogs.

Manners, Fun & Games for older pups and dogs of any age needing training.

Learn all about it! See it in action.

We put you in the hot seat in this lesson & help you understand how dogs feel when they are doing their best to learn what we actually want!

We will show you how we shape complex tricks, then it’s your turn to shape behaviours with each other. 

Understanding how dogs feel and learn will help you embrace training & make you better animal trainers!  A fun & exciting experience that is a real eye opener!


A testimony from Dr Gaille Perry

Check out our classes for teenagers & older dogs:

Would love ongoing classes to help with new issues that may crop up. I love structured new tricks & social time with other doggo – would definitely sign up to other courses!

Isabelle & Laszlo (Golden Retriever), March 2023

Learnt lots! Eddy loved meeting new friends. Facilities were great. Like minded dog lovers learning to teach and raise well behaved dogs is the best part. Would not change anything about the course!

Chloe & Edward (Maltese Shih Tzu), Feb 2023

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