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There is always something fresh happening in animal training and we love sharing new skills and fun stuff with you!

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A puppy lying on top of adult mother's head

Click For Tricks

Course Duration: 4 weeks
Pre-requisite: Prior training or private lesson with Paw Behaviour.

Learn cool tricks & fun stuff with Jennifer.

  • Learn “Clicker Training”
  • Play games that teach useful behaviours in real-life situations
  • Learn how to teach cool tricks
  • Give your dog ongoing stimulation and socialisation

Tricks are not just for fun. Teaching tricks helps calm busy dogs by giving them some work to do.

If you would like your dog to fetch your slippers, the newspaper, bow nicely to say hello, ring a bell to go outside or just calm down, call us. Your dog may be much smarter than you think!


A puppy lying on top of adult mother's head

Walk My Way

  • Course Duration: 4 weeks
  • Pre-requisite: This course is not for aggressive or reactive dogs. Please call our office if unsure of your dog’s suitability for class.

Have fun teaching your dog to walk nicely on a lead, with distractions, in a variety of locations!

Loose lead walking takes time and practice.  We will introduce you to some ideas to help you and your dog enjoy walks together.  We will cover a variety of techniques that you can implement on walks, as well as looking at the equipment you are using on your dog.

Dogs come in all shapes & sizes!  Equipment should be safe and comfortable for the dog and we can assist with harness choice to suit your particular dog for the best fit.



A puppy lying on top of adult mother's head

Sniff, Search & Find

  • Course Duration: 4 weeks
  • Pre-requisite: Prior training or private lesson with Paw Behaviour.

Let your dog’s nose do the work in this fun session & learn how to play games to develop your dog’s skills & confidence. Fun for all the family!

Nosework is an odour training game that uses your dog’s extremely strong sense of smell.

It is a fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs. If they have a nose they can play this easy to learn sport, which is both fun for dog and handler.

Your dog will learn to rediscover their search instincts and you will learn to be a supportive partner in the game by reading their canine body language and watch their confidence grow!

This urban scent game is not quite the same as tracking – you and your dog will learn to search in many different environments. This is a game you can continue to play at home and when on the go with your dog.

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All wonderful!  Loved the opportunity to ask questions and work through problems.  Small class size was fantastic!

Chloe & Dudley (Australian Shepherd)

May 2024

Was great to introduce Lulu to other puppies in a safe space.  Loved all the hints & tips which I would never have known had I not attended this course!

Lesley Ann & Lulu (Cavoodle)

May 2024

I had an absolutely amazing experience with Jennifer and staff. They provide ethical force free solutions to undesirable dog behaviour. From start to finish they were extremely helpful and sequenced each lesson to build sustainable outcomes for the dogs and their humans. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for positive reinforcement dog training.

Verity Hall

February 2024

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