Group Training

Some people think their dog is “stupid” or “won’t listen” or their particular breed can’t or won’t do certain things.

Some people are sceptical about the progress their dog will make in class. We’ve heard it all – Malamutes can’t be trained, Terriers run away, Beagles just sniff the ground and small dogs don’t need training! It is incredibly rewarding to see owners proud of what they achieve throughout and thrilled at their dog’s progress.

At Paw Behaviour we have a range of classes to suit you and your dog. We understand that every dog and their owner have a unique and special relationship that requires individual attention. That’s why at Paw Behaviour we listen to what you want from your dog then work with you to set realistic goals and achieve them.

A dog sitting on a cardboard box
Close up of a puppy's face

Puppy School

Get the best education for you & your new puppy! You have from birth to 12 weeks to expose your new puppy to different sounds, smells, experiences, people, handling, other animals, road traffic etc – not very much time! 

A dog sniffing the air

Pet Dog Manners

For dogs 6 months to 2 years of age. Our classes are fun and teach you how to manage your dogs in everyday situations. You will learn how to recognise and prevent or resolve behaviours that are disruptive in the household or are socially unacceptable. You will also teach your dog “good manners” and how to cope well in real life situations. 


A dog in a bath for a TV commercial

Pet Stars for Film and TV

Challenge yourself and your dog. Become one of our “Pet Stars” and the next TV Commercial could star your dog!

a dog leaping over an obstacle

Fun & Specialty Classes

At times, we offer specialty courses to suit demand. There is always something fresh happening in animal training and we love sharing new skills and fun stuff with you!

We recently completed the 7 week pet dog manners course with our 3 year old staffy mix girl. Jennifer & her trainers are all so lovely and have helped us immensely!

The training has truely helped us unlock our girl’s brain and our bond is stronger than ever.

This course teaches not only your pet new skills, there’s plenty of great tricks for us humans too.

I couldn’t recommend this course enough!

Ashley, Michael & Boba

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