Every Dog …… a Precious Gift!

My first post and what do I write about?!  At the nursing home today visiting mum today one of the nurses was upset to learn Merlot was no longer with us.  It’s been 12 months and I still miss him.  What a fabulous therapy dog he was.  A stunning show boy and fabulous dog he was full stop~!  So special and caring and thoughtful of the residents.

Australian Champion Bushveldt Terra Rossa 1999

Could a dog be thoughtful and caring?  Merlot could.  I will never forget the day he literally dragged me across the room.  Where to?  To an elderly woman with knarled fingers, head bowed and in a wheelchair with not much to live for.  He knew who needed him.  Her hands reached up and stroked his lovely coat.  The pleasure and memories he brought that women are a mystery, but he just knew she needed him.

And Layla – my beautiful Layla.  The reason I became a dog trainer – funny, naughty, life loving Layla.  According to the local dog club, she was untrainable – absolutely true, if you used their methods.  “Why on earth would you want an Airedale”, screamed the woman in her bowling whites who had just been dirtied by Layla’s paws.  Wow, what a gift she was.

Layla Welcomes Baby Merlot

Layla and Merlot have gone and here I am now with Naughty Nelda and Larry the Lazy Layabout boy.  They have stories of their own, so stay tuned!

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