Dog Training “Results Guaranteed”!

You’re desperate, your dog’s behaviour is well and truly out of control.  Maybe you have no time to train your dog, work long hours, have no spare cash.  BUT, somehow you raise $500 because the ad says “Results Guaranteed”!

You might have baby on the way, be heading off on holidays and Mum & Dad are minding the dog, or the kids are too frightened to play in the yard.  “Results Guaranteed” is music to your ears!  Who cares how much it will cost!

What are you trying to “fix”?  What exactly is being guaranteed?  Is the guarantee in writing?  How long is the guarantee period valid for?   Will you get your money back if it doesn’t work?  If you were buying a flash new car or TV you would ask these questions.

Your dog is not a fridge or TV.  Like you, your dog is a thinking, feeling, emotional individual whose behaviour will vary and adapt to changing circumstances, experiences, hormones, age, aches, pains, relationships, fears, phobias and fun!

Sure, I like going to the movies, but might not want to if I have a sore back.  And,  I wouldn’t snap if someone I knew gave me a hug from behind.  Might be different if it was a stranger though.

If the guarantee is that during that one lesson, your dog will “learn” to stop barking, stop jumping or stop anything because they are frightened of the stranger yelling at them, squirting them with water or throwing things at them, be afraid.  This lesson might actually cost you more than you think.

Dogs that are frightened do not learn.  They stop doing what they are doing, temporarily, because they are frightened.  Dogs that are frightened may bite.  This is what a dog bite looks like.  This dog bit because he was frightened by a stranger in his home who choked him when he barked at the door and charged his owner $500 for the “training”.

Dog Bite 18/1 on 21 Jan

International dog whisperers and

Communicating secret listeners who

Speak of guarantees and offer other quick fixes

Dominance and lack of tolerance may lead to incontinence

Toting water spray bottles, throw chains & devices

Fear and frustration, all for high prices!


Professional behavioural dog trainers understand learning theory and positive reinforcement methods.  The Australian Veterinary Association recommends positive reinforcement dog training techniques.

We GUARANTEE that with expert advice, time and patience, you will get results!


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