Dog Club Horror Story

Sometimes my puppy students like to continue their “education” at volunteer run dog clubs.  Some clubs continue to use old fashioned “dominance” methods.  No, we’re not cheap, but you get a professional service, small classes and a trainer with years of experience and qualifications who spends a lot of time & money updating skills regularly!   The end result, is a fabulous result!

Thanks for the feedback Jess, Jason & Indiana!  See you at graduation next week.

“Hi Jenny

I’m not sure if you have spoilt us or our experience at dog school was just horrible, but it felt like a horror movie!!

We have a Gentle Leader for Indiana as it fits her head better than the Halti at this stage. And she has been perfect on her gentle leader all week.

When we first arrived at dog school we signed the paper work and paid the money, Indiana was patient and sat quietly with Jason, close to her best behaviour to date. We had every second dog coming up to her, on lead (thank god!).  We then just sat with Indiana and observed the dogs and people around. Yelling, yanking, choke chains and chaos. We were very apprehensive about the class, but thought we would give it a go.

We joined the group of about 40 dogs waiting for their first day.  They were rolling around and playing in giant groups. Indiana sat and observed. They split us into the puppy group (20 dogs, 2 instructors) and gave a lecture on collars and then told us that Indiana wasn’t under control on her gentle leader and insisted that we take it off her, and proceeded to do this themselves without us agreeing.

We then practiced watch.  I used a clicker.  I got a lecture and a dirty look every time I clicked. By this stage I was so stressed and on the verge of tears, Jason was furious and Indiana so stressed that she wouldn’t even eat fresh chicken.

Meet and greets was out of control and 3-4 dogs climbing on each other at a time. Jason was cautious to only engage one dog at a time and Indiana was very submissive to some dogs.

Looking at my watch to see how much more of this torture we had to endure and considering very strongly about leaving half way. With only 20mins to go we decided to basically ignore the instruction of ‘meet and greet’ and just try to calm Indiana so she wouldn’t hate dog school for the rest of her life!!

So we left at the end of class so grateful for the start you have allowed us to give Indiana, in shock at what we just endured and in awe of how skilled and talented you are. Our experience we have had with Paw Behaviour has been flawless, and we realised today ‘out in the real world’ that we have been spoilt to learn in such a great environment.

So thank you for everything you have done for us and Indiana.

I am definitely happy for you to share our story. It all just seemed so disappointing, as we were so looking forward to dog school and had such a horrible experience.

I can definitely tell you, you are worth every Penny!!

Jess, Jason and Indiana”

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