Do Dogs Give “Hand Over”

Or maybe Paw Over?  Something is going on with Nelda and Larry and I have seen it before with Layla and Merlot and Merlot with Nelda and Larry.  It’s a shift in responsibility; preparation for things to come – maybe.  It’s a reminder that time is passing way too fast and our dogs are ageing faster than we would like.

The possum incident was the clincher.  Nelda is a Airedale Terrier, a hunter & killer of small creatures.  Nelda has history!  Larry is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, a scent hound, a rabbit chaser – not a killer.  Well I don’t think so.

I recognise the sound and find Larry in the shed with a possum bailed up in the corner. Where’s Nelda?  Normally it would be her sniffing out the possum first, but she is stepping back to give Larry an opportunity to deal with the invaders in our shed.  Larry’s not a killer and thankfully he is trained to come – lucky for him as he was about to wear the angry possum.

IMG_6057                  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When Merlot (Nelda’s father) died Nelda & Larry were visibly sad.  They sat together in the garden and were different.  They seemed to ponder their loss.  They developed a closeness and a little bit of each rubbed off on the other.  Larry has taken on some guarding qualities, barking at the gate.  People laugh and can’t believe something so cute can sound so ferocious.  Nelda is a little softer – a bit more “hound”.  They have learnt from each other.  They are close and Larry is Nelda’s brother from another mother – well, that’s what we tell him!  They are family – a funny adorable odd couple.

Nelda is shifting down a gear.  She is nearing 10 and has a spinal injury caused by an off lead dog.  She spends more time with her head resting on my knee and sleeping on the couch.  I think she is spending a lot of time handing over to Larry too!

Dogs are family.  Our relationships are always changing and special.  Enjoy every moment.


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