Why Us?

At Paw Behaviour, our approach is simple – we provide a qualified professional service designed to support you and your Grrr8 Mate!

Qualified & Experienced

Our trainers are Cert IV Qualified & use modern science based methods. Advice is honest & realistic and will give you the results you want without frightening your new puppy. 


Our qualified trainers are accredited with Australian & International industry organisations & upgrade skills annually to retain membership.

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Positive Paw Power

There’s nothing more distressing than seeing a dog owner shout at, or even hit their dog as a form of obedience, what’s more, it doesn’t work!

That’s why our training methods involve gentle, scientifically proven techniques that are safe for you, your family and your dog!

Paw Behaviour has been in operation since 1999.  A leader in the field of modern animal training, Paw Behaviour is also a learning facility for many students undertaking animal behaviour studies.

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Group Training

At Paw Behaviour we have a range of group classes to suit you and your dog. We offer classes from basic to advanced, and so much more.

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Private Lessons

We offer a range of private lesson packages and home training options to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

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Community Education

Whether you are a school, community group, government agency, specialist business, veterinary practice or accommodation facility – we are happy to train your staff or tailor a talk or workshop just for you! 

When it comes to dog training, talk to the best, talk to Paw Behaviour, the puppy school professionals!

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Do Puppies Need “Obedience” School?

Do Puppies Need “Obedience” School?

“Obedience” is not a relationship. “Obedience” is traditional dog sport where a dog performs exercises at the command of the handler for a short duration of time. Here’s what Jennifer thinks matters for new puppy owners.

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Therapy, Support & Service Dogs

Therapy, Support & Service Dogs

The popularity of using dogs to assist humans in various ways has absolutely skyrocketed in the past year or so. Here you’ll find some helpful information and FAQs.

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All wonderful!  Loved the opportunity to ask questions and work through problems.  Small class size was fantastic!

Chloe & Dudley (Australian Shepherd)

May 2024

Was great to introduce Lulu to other puppies in a safe space.  Loved all the hints & tips which I would never have known had I not attended this course!

Lesley Ann & Lulu (Cavoodle)

May 2024

I had an absolutely amazing experience with Jennifer and staff. They provide ethical force free solutions to undesirable dog behaviour. From start to finish they were extremely helpful and sequenced each lesson to build sustainable outcomes for the dogs and their humans. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for positive reinforcement dog training.

Verity Hall

February 2024

We bought our puppy home at the start of December and Jenny offered us 2 classes leading into Xmas to get us started before our 8 weeks class commenced in January. This course is more than socialisation and obedience Jenny teaches you how to build a relationship with your puppy and therefore they want to learn from you! Couldn’t recommend highly enough! Thanks Jen!

Jacquie and Oscar

January 2024

Should be mandatory for any new puppy owner. Timing lined up well, and started at 8 weeks a few days after picking up my puppy and it was the best investment I’ve made. There is a lot of sometimes contradictory advice online and the best thing this helped with was clarity. Really great foundational knowledge.

Anna, Steve & Rosie

January 2024

If you’re seeking a highly qualified and accredited dog trainer who uses current, positive reinforcement techniques that support and accelerate your puppy’s/dog’s learning we would highly recommend Jen and the Paw Behaviour team.

We took our English staffy pup through the Junior Super Puppy course this year, starting with two out-of-cycle classes pre Christmas, generously added by PB for people whose puppies arrived before the holidays. Thoroughly worth the investment of both time and money and we learned a lot ourselves, even going in thinking we weren’t starting from scratch.

It should be no surprise to owners that what you do in class you need to reflect at home consistently in practice with repetition so that is becomes predictable for the pup and we had a lot of fun teaching, plus Remi found the practice very stimulating. We found the videos and light (but important) reading really complemented the course and enhanced our understanding of how our dog responds to us and what her real needs are.

Like anything in life the more you put in, the more you get out and a dog is one of the best examples of this. Our good natured and playful pup now has a strong behavioural foundation for us to build on over time thanks for Jen and the team.

Peta, Chris and Remi

January 2024


Jennifer Wilcox is an accredited professsional member of the following associations:

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